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with复合结构:with+宾语+宾语补足语,构成with复合结构,宾语可以是名词或是代词,宾语补足语可以是介词短语、过去分词、现在分词、形容词、动词不定式、副词.且with后面的宾语与其后的宾语补足语有逻辑上的主谓关系. 1)with+宾语+

1.with 名词(或代词) 现在分词如:She fell asleep with the light burning.她开着灯睡觉.2.with 名词(或代词) 过去分词如:With nothing left in the cupboard,she went out to

1、With mom in no home,he didn't do his homework.2、With book in hand ,the teacher go into the classroom.3、With many files to print ,the manager urged secretary up on.4、With many work to do,I can't go home on time.5、The women,with child in arms,hop in please.

when i leave home , the water with running

with a door open with the game overwith the book under her arms with hands shaking with a solider attackedwith a problem to solve

I have a beautiful house with a great garden


with his hands tied,with the wind bellowing

比如:i like sleeping with the light on/off.我喜欢开着/关着灯睡觉.

with的复合句常见的分为下面几类:1. with+宾语+doing 表示主动2. with+宾语+done 表示被动3. with+宾语+to do 表示将来4. with+宾语+adj. 表示状态5. with+宾语+adv. 表示状态6. with+宾语+prep. pha. 表示状态


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