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歌曲名:the story so far歌手:Roger Daltrey专辑:daltrey(David Courtney/Leo Sayer)You'd betterGive him upOh Give him upExplain it to him naturallySo he don't get hurtWe've got so much left to doAnd he'll step right in side my shoesI will leave it

歌曲名:The Story So Far歌手:New Found Glory专辑:Sticks And StonesFlogging Molly--The Story So Farlyrics By Larry ChengLarry Cheng & Kevin BoulYou always had what you wantedSo leave it behindAnd if the glass isn't brokenThen the

歌曲名:Earth, The Story So Far歌手:Prefab Sprout专辑:Let'S Change The World With MusicPrefab Sprout - Earth, The Story So FarWelcome to Earth, the story so far,the story so farAt first there was a vaccumwhere creation came to besinging

白天不懂夜的黑歌手:那英语言:国语 所属专辑:白天不懂夜的黑发行时间:

Hello - Lionel RichieI've been alone with you inside my mind你在我的内心里我依然孤单And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times在梦里我吻你千百次I sometimes see you pass outside my door有时候看到你走过我门口Hello, is it me

THE ROAD SO FAR到目前为止的道路迄今为止走过的路这么远的路途双语例句1We are here today to try to evaluate the road travelled so far and to looktowards the future.我们今天在这里试图评估迄今为止走过的路,并且展望未来.2Another

因为你现在仍然是个学生 所以应该用 现在完成进行时 即:i have been being a student for nine years so far .表示从过去的某个时刻开始直到现在 但是动作还会继续下去(你还会继续做学生啊)

歌曲名:Sailing歌手:Rod Stewart发行时间:2003-10-28所属专辑:《The Story So Far-Very Best Of》歌词:I am sailing,I am sailing home again 'cross the sea.I am sailing stormy waters,to be near you, to be free.I am flying,I am flying like a bird


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