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study by是什么意思及反义词回答:study by [原文]study by [译文]研究

studybydoingsth的意思和造句固定搭配只有 study to do sth 学习做某事和 by doing sth 介词后面加动词ing的形式你说的

I study by…怎么造句五个I study by working with friends.我通过和朋友工作来学习。2 I study by working with my classmates.哦,我和同学们一起学习

study by doing sth的意思和造句意思是通过做某事来学习例如we study the skill of taking care of a baby by working in a kindergarten我们通过在幼儿园

“study by themselves”的中文意思他们自学

i study by造句带翻译I study by reading notes over and over again.我通过一遍遍阅读笔记来学习

Study by themselves是什么意思?回答:他们自己学习

I study by working with a group是什么意思I study by working with a group 我和一个小组一起学习 重点单词:study 1.音标:英 [ˈst&

有by study这个说法吗Rolling in the deep 开头是:Every thing fire studing in my heart.

我以怎样的学习方式学习英语,例:I study by ing回答:请问你是想写作文还是单纯造句? 若造句,I study English by watching movies/listening to English songs.


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