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please___.A.pointatitB.pointoutitC.pointitoutDC point out + n .和point + pron + out固定搭配.

please point to it回答:C point out + n .和point + pron + out固定搭配.

pointoutpointtopointat的区别是什么?说明用法Will you please point out the man who saved the boy’s life?请你指出那个救男孩性命的人好吗?

point to和point at的区别是什么求答案point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为“指着”,at是介词,着重于指的对象 point to多用来表示指向离说话人较远的

point to 和point at 有什么区别point to多用来表示指向离说话人较远的事物,意为“指向”,to也是介词,着重于指的方向.point at习惯上

point to与point at有什么区别point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为“指着”,at是介词,着重于指的对象。Don’t

point at和point to的区别例句:He camped it up, he told bad taste jokes and endless anecdotes with no point at all.他耍宝逗乐

point at与point to的区别?楼主你好!很高兴为你解答:point at和point to的意思都与“指”有关,但还是有一定区别。其中point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较

“point”的用法是什么?老师指着地图告诉我英国的位置。2)point作名词时,有以下几种含义。①Please pay attention to the study of the language points

求问point at, point to, point out有什么区别point at意思是:指着。例:he pointed at the child with his pen.(他拿笔指着那个小孩)point out意思是:指出。例:she

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