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play chessv.下棋[例句]Even then , if you pull out a chess board in a british pub , the other drinkers look at you askance , as if to say : " oh , so you play chess ?"即便这样,如果你在一个英国酒吧里摆开棋盘,还是会引起其他饮者侧目,仿佛在说:“哦,你还会下棋?”

i'm like play chess best.(我最喜欢下棋.)

i can play chess 造句:i can play chess and it is my favorite hobby.我会下棋,并且这是我最喜欢的爱好 希望能帮到你


I like singing,dancing,swimming,drawing and playing chess.

我是六年级的:1、I will piay chess with my classmates tomorrow. (我将要和同学在今晚下棋.)2、I like piay chess best/ (我最喜欢下棋.)

1. Chess includes rook, knight, bishop, queen, king and pawn. 国际象棋有车、马、象、后、王和卒. 2. Chess is played by two people. 国际象棋是两个人玩的. 3. I like to play chess with my father. 我喜欢和爸爸一起下国际象棋. 4. He will take part in a chess tournament next week. 下星期,他将要参加一场国际象棋比赛. 5. Chess is his favorite diversion. 象棋是他最喜欢的娱乐活动.


play chess是下棋的意思,一般跟与to后面.如:Aren't they a little young to play chess?他们下棋是不是还太小了一点?I found that retired persons ould often go to the park to play chess.我发明退休的人时常到公园里着棋.和某某下棋:play chess with sb 也可以用于这样的语句:I played Max at chess yesterday and beat him hollow.昨天我跟麦克斯下棋,杀得他一败涂地.

When do you play sport?(你什么时候做运动?)I usually play sport at 7:00 .(我经常7:00做运动.)


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