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pEn FriEnD英语作文

答案:My pen pal, how are you? I am from China, red, and I like singing and dancing, just had finished Christmas abroad, I think this festival is very interesting. I want to tell you this holiday with us is very close to Chinese New Year . Speaking of our

dear friend, hi,my name is wang lin.i'm twelve.i come from zhejiang,china.i can speak chinese and a little english .my birthday is october 31st.my favorite sport is basketball ,and i often play basketball with my friends after school.my favorite subject is

Friends朋友Friends are very important to us.When in trouble, we need friends to offer us en couragement and help. With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys.It's hard to imagine life without friendship!朋友对我们非常重要.当

I have an American pen friend.We met on the MSN.She teaches me how to speak English,while i teach her Chinese.We are happy to talk with each other.

my pen friend My pen pal,how are you?I am from China,red,and I like singing and dancing,just had finished Christmas abroad,I think this festival is very interesting.I want to tell you this holiday with us is very close to Chinese New Year .Speaking of

我有一个英国笔友,是从网上认识的,我们互相通信很长时间了,他想学汉语,我从他那儿学英语,我们彼此了解了各自的国家.我们相处得一直很好.I have an English pen friend. We knew each other on the Intemet. We have written to each


Looking for a pen friend My name is Xiao Ya. I'道m Chinese. My age is 12 .I'm a kind and nice girl. I like reading newspaper and drinking coffee. My hobbies are badminton and play computer games. My parents are chinese ,too.Now they are

I have a pen friend.Her name is Linda.She is in Beijing.She studies in No.3 Middle School.She has long black hair,big eyes and small nose.She is tall and very beautiful.She likes listening to music ,reading novls and drawing.And she is good at

My pen friend is Linda .She is a beautiful girl .She can sing mang songs .And she can swim .She is tall .She like apples .She also likes bananas .She often goes to SM .She like rending .She doesn't like playing with dolls .This is my pen friend .Do you want to write to my pen friend?


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