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vt.& vi.是(be的三单形式;n.存在;

take a look at注意,重视FYI

attention 英 [tenn] 美 [tenn]<br>n. 注意5261力;关心;立正!(口令4102)[ 复数 attentions ]<br>短语:<br>pay attention 注意对1653手 ; 注意 ; 关注 ; 集中注意力<br>attention to 对 ; 的注意 ; 注意 ; 对…注意<br>voluntary

pay attention to英[pei tenn tu:]美[pe tnn tu]注意[例句]Pay attention to time of year.注意选择一年中的时机.


1.have a nice day(过得令人愉快的一天 ) 2.pay attention to(注意,重视 )

I am a student.I has learned English since I finished the primary school.Iam not very good at English.But I still go on.I think that if you learn English as you learn your mother

注意 [zhù yì] (pay) attention (to) take note of . 近义词或词组 heed | nota bene | pay attention to | look sharp | keep one's eyes open | tend to | wariness | reck | attend to | advertency | advertence | advert | be heedful of | give one's attention to | take

notice一般指注意到或看到比较一般的东西,而pay attention to多指要留心注意比较特殊的东西或事物. notice一般接名词或从句,pay attention to接名词或动名词.

notice可以作名词,也可以作动词 当notice作不可数名词“注意”时=attention pay attention to = pay notice to 但是当notice作为动词时,其后可以+ wh-从句;+ (that)从


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