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mAkE EFForts造句

1.make up to sb 讨好、巴结某人 2.make up for sth in/with 弥补 3.make towards sth 移动,移向 4.make sth of sb/sth 了解、理解 5.make sb/sth into sth 将制成(变成) 6.make out 听出,看出,辨认出 7.make off 溜掉,匆忙离开 8.make off with

可以这么造:I make efforts to do everything well.译为:我努力做好每件事.我的动力希望我能继续帮助你

我将会努力工作I will make efforts to work.

不费力气做某事;轻而易举地做某事.例句:He made no effort to pass the exam. 他不费吹灰之力地通过了考试.祝学习进步!

make efforts 与make an effort 意思与用法完全相同,意思为“努力做某事情” .例句:make efforts 1、As long as you make efforts, with the progress achieved its objective in mind, youwill succeed! 只要你付出努力、有了进步、达到了自己心中

If you make a great effort to do something, you try very hard to do it. He was making a great effort to control himself.

make as if 假装, 装作; 好象要 make as though 假装, 装作; 好象要 make at 扑向; 攻击 make away 离去, 逃走 make off 匆匆逃走 make up to 奉承;献媚 make it up to sb. 报答;回报 (= make it up to sb. for sth.) make a fire 生火 make the

make arduous effortsv.努力奋斗例句1.So I should make arduous efforts! 我应该努力奋斗!2.All these are our challenges, and we must make arduous efforts in order to achieve our development goals. 中国发展面临诸多挑战,实现自己的发展目标

例句:We should make an effort to succeed, but do not hope will be successful.我们应该努力去成功,但不要希望一定会成功.

make efforts to是对的.effort英 [eft] 美 [efrt] n.气力;努力;费力的事;艰难的尝试;试图;尽力;有组织的活动.So I determined to be a teacher from my childhood and I make efforts to realize this dream.所以,我从小就立志当一名教师



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