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首先in在这儿是副词,意思是at home (在家,在国内),abroad 也是副词,意思是in a foreign country ( 在国外).or或者,and 和.所 in or abroad 意思是:国内或者国外. in and abroad 国内外(国内和国外).

Studying Abroad Nowadays many Chinese students are interested in studying abroad. They spend much more time, energy and money on the preparation for studying abroad than on their own majors in college. And some of them even begin to

如果表示在国外的话,直接用abroad就可以了,因为它本身就是个副词,所以不用加介词(类似于home).abroad ['brd],n. 海外;异国;adj. 往国外的;adv. 在国外;到海外 例句:She and I forgathered abroad. 她和我在国外邂逅.

study abroadIn recent years, study abroad has flourished. Thousands of scholars and students have gone to foreign countries to study. Many people are sparing no efforts in applying for going abroad. Attending schools abroad has many

在国外abroad 他的父母都是德国人,但他一生中大部分时间在国外度过.He was born of German parents and lived most of his life abroad .

这是“国内外”的英文固定搭配.at home and abroad 除了你问的这一种说法以外,还有两种:1. both here and abroad 2. home and abroad 【例句与用法】1.Should the West root unreservedly for Soviet success? Or should Western economic

with the development of the national economy,chinese people are getting richer and richer that their style of living and the way of thinking are changing in different ways.one of the great changes is that more and more parents incline to send their

The other day I announced that I would go abroad for further studies right after my college education. My decision evoked the immediate objection of my family:y: Why? Why should I borrow a huge sum of money for overseas studies while I might

abroad: [ 'br:d ] a. 在国外,海外(一般作表语) adj. 到国外,在国外 在这里是形容词,加在be后面做表语.

是的,at home and abroad 国内外,经常用在文学作品和专业文件中1.This includes steps at home and abroad to prevent another crisis. 这包括在国内和国外防止发生另一场经济危机.2.And that's one of my fundamental commitments as President, both at home and abroad. 这是我作为总统需要承担的基本义务之一,不论在国内还是国外.


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