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raise one's hand to sb. 准备对【某人】动武!

hold onto one's hand 意思是抓紧某人的手(不要松手) hold one's hand 意思就是是拉着某人的手




《Hand Hold》wanting1=C 4/4C C(2) Sweetheart SweetheartAm Em f Won't you come and sweep me off my feetG CCatch me when I fallC C(2) Whisper WhisperAm Em F D Em F G Whisper these words in my ears tonight, I could fly away with

This life don't last forever(hold my hand) 苦日子不会永远下去(牵我的手) So tell me what we're waiting for(hold my hand) 你说 我们还在拖延什么呢?(牵我的手) Better off being together(hold my hand) 你我两人一起(牵我的手) Being

hold a hand for strength词典结果hold a hand for strength握着一只手的力量

Oooh, konvict-music 噢,konvict-music Oooh, yeah, yeah 噢,是啊,是啊 This life don't last forever (Hold my hand) 此生不会永远持续下去(握住我的手) So tell me what you're waitin' for (Hold my hand) 所以告诉我你在等(握住我的手) Better



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