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give way 这里翻译成放弃吧 因为当汉字出现在我头面前时我真的什么都不会,差点就放弃了

give away 赠送,捐献 make a present of, donate He gave away a part of his income to his needy friends. 他把收入的一部分送给经济困难的朋友们. They're giving away free glasses at the supermarket. 超级市场那里在免费赠送玻璃杯.

give away是非延续性动词.give away英 [v 'we] 美 [v 'we] vi.赠送;送出;背叛;泄露例句:用作不及物动词 (vi.)1.He would rather give away a point than claim an advantage.他宁愿送分数,也不愿要求利益.2.He wants to give

vi. 赠送;送出;背叛;泄露 例句 用作不及物动词 (vi.) He would rather give away a point than claim an advantage.他宁愿送分数,也不愿要求利益.词汇搭配 give oneself away 泄露 give the show away 露出马脚(泄露秘密 give away the

give away 赠送; 赠予; 颁发 She decided to give these old clothes away. 她决定把这些旧衣服送给别人. 泄露; 告发 We heard a shot. The smoke had given us away. 我们听到枪声, 是烟把我们暴露了. 失去; 丧失; 抛弃 You've given away a good chance of success. 你失去了一次成功的良机. (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎 Mr. Jackson gave away his daughter. 杰克逊先生将女儿交给新郎.

give out和give away同是动词,最大的区别在于give out是用尽力量;而give away却是放弃,出卖朋友,泄露秘密.

1.he never give away his feelings give away sth 出卖……2.he never give away to disappointmentgive away to sth 对……屈服,让步于……

give away 赠送; 赠予; 颁发泄露; 告发失去; 丧失; 抛弃

give sb. away (在婚礼中)把新娘交给新郎 The bride was given away by her father. give sth. away 1.捐献,赠送 He gave away most of his money to charity.他把大部分金钱捐给了慈善事业. 2.颁发,分送 The mayor gave away the prizes at the


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