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用difficulties造句,中学水平1.The revised code provides better protection for individuals interests , and alleviates certain operational difficulties

用difficult造句简单一点Even if I find it difficult to learn English 尽管我发现学英语很难

用havedifficultyindoingsth造句I had difficulty in finding your home .The student had difficulty in working out the


make a difficulty造句Do not make a difficulty or disaster seem much greater than it really is.You can make a difficulty, but court just make

用have difficulty doing 造句回答:I had difficulty doing my maths homework.

用have difficulty(in)doing sth造句回答:i have difficulty in finishing the homework.

困难的用英语怎么说“困难的”的英语是difficult。英 ['dɪfɪkəlt],美 ['dɪfɪk&#

用difficult造句简单一点It was a very difficult decision to make.那是一个非常艰难的决定.I have a fair idea

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