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deference是什么意思短语搭配:judicial deference司法尊重 ; 或司法顺从主义 ; 司法谦抑 ; 法尊重原则 用法:in deference

deference的词根是什么?先看看韦氏词典对deference词源的论述:The words deference and defer both derive from the Latin defer

deference是什么意思及反义词n. 尊重; 顺从; 敬重; 依从;[例句]The old sense of deference and restraint in royal reporting has vanished 在对皇室进

【deference可数吗】可数 There are a lot of differences between you and me.

deference和respect的区别柯林斯英汉双解大词典 deference /ˈdɛfərəns/ 1.N-UNCOUNT Deference is a polite and 【respectful

compliance 和 deference 区别回答:deference是顺从、服从、尊重的意思,内容一般不包含法律法规及公司等的规定 compliance也是服从,听从; 承诺 的意思,但是内容一般

deference作动词怎么用defer to sb/sth for example :On technical matters ,I defer to the experts I must defer

deference可数吗回答:可数 There are a lot of differences between you and me.

敬畏是什么意思啊?[deference] 敬佩 他的为人深受大家的敬服 敬告 jìnggào [tell] 恭敬地告诉 敬告观众 敬鬼神而远之 jìng guǐshén ér yuǎ

“遵从”用英文怎么写?回答:遵从 词性及解释-----comply with; defer to; follow; obey 【法】 defer; obedience 同义词 comply heed listen to mind


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