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This person will bring your happiness to you.Behave yourself!Please talk about it based on its behave.

behave oneself [口语]放规矩点,好好做人[用于祈使句或具有祈使意义的不定式中]:例句:I told him to behave himself.我告诉他要放规矩点.Behave yourself,or I will beat you.放规矩点,不然我就要打你.

help yourself to the cakes.请自便,吃这些蛋糕 make yourself at home.请自便,把这当做自己家 i will leave you by yourself.我就留下你自己在这了 behave yourself.注意你的行为

behave KK: [] DJ: [] vi. 1. 表现,行为举止[Q] The young lady behaved courageously in the face of danger. 那位年轻女士面对危险表现得十分勇敢. 2. 行为检点,听话,表现好 3. (机器等)开动,运转 How is the new machine behaving? 新机器

we have behave well.我们表现很好

behave vi.1. 表现,行为举止 The young lady behaved courageously in the face of danger.那位年轻女士面对危险表现得十分勇敢.2. 行为检点,听话,表现好3. (机器等)开动,运转 How is the new machine behaving?新机器的性能怎样?4. (

Weigh get right on the job, should establishing practice namely is first viewpoint, immerse oneself in hardworking, still not theoretic.重实干,就是要树立实践是第一的观点,埋头苦干,不尚空谈.

behave常用于形容词. behave 英[bhev] 美[bhev] vi. 表现; 举止端正; 自然反应; vt. 使守规矩; [例句]I couldn't believe these people were behaving in this way我难以相信这些人竟会有这种举动.[其他] 第三人称单数:behaves 现在

1.Our government has launched a campaign on Energy-saving and Pollution-reduction.2.Students should all behave well in school.3.Don't read in the shade.


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