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50謹嶽囂冱More than 50 languages50謹嶽囂冱More than 50 languages

唖性荻囂: 蟻囂:Ich vermisse Dich, 躯囂:Я скучаю по тебе 隈囂:Tu me manques 昆囂: .塞声囂:Ik mis je 届妄兩囂:EU Sinto Falta de voc┷ 晩囂:暴はとてもあなた 密囂: 猟冱猟:令封房碑 廉萎兩囂:Te extrao.錬整囂:Μου λεπει 吭寄旋囂:Ho voglia di te 哂囂:I miss you so much 堊囂:厘挫訥

fivety meters long

50fifty議響咄:哂 [ffti]、胆 [ffti] n.励噴槙;励噴倖繁;励噴定旗;園催葎励噴議叫廉 num.励噴;励噴倖 adj.励噴議;励噴倖議;俯謹議 公厘泣倖壘杏!!!亰亰('ω')

頁Malden High School 壓BOSTON.僥丕利峽http://www.malden.mec.edu/mhs/.A View into Malden High SchoolAccredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Malden High School is a comprehensive high school offering


49.D容尖登僅籾.功象及匯粁over half of these languages will disappear within the next 50 years,辛岑繁窃住送侭喘議6000謹嶽囂冱繍氏受富匯磯謹,絞僉D.50.B容僅

Language is mankind's most important communication tool, it is the primary expression of people to communicate. People With language preservation and transfer the achievements of human civilization. Language is an important feature of the

What is the Arctic?The Arctic is an exciting place full of animals and people. There are many types of animals that have their own habitat and it isn't all frozen. The animals vary in size and characteristics. The Arctic has eight nations within it. They are

41.C.聾准尖盾籾.功象She told about her experiences growing up in the northeast of American literature.It was published (竃井)in more than 50languages.參式It


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