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i lived with my host family when i go to japan as a exchange student.

那儿的人我一个也不认识, i didn't know a single person there.除了主人例:apart from my host

A program cant go on without a host.

host family翻译为:主人家/寄宿家庭相关例句:1.also, in my host family.在我的主人家里也是.2.his host family helps him find a good used car to buy.他的寄宿家庭帮助他找到了一辆好的二手车.

China is the host country of the 2008 Olympics.

the host welcomes me with a big hug.主人给了我个大大的拥抱以示欢迎

His host family is very rich. 他的主人家非常富有.

. 客人,宾客We're expecting guests to dinner.我们正等候客人进餐.2. 旅客;顾客The motel manager showed the guests to their room.汽车旅馆经理把旅客领到他们房间.3. 特别来宾(或演奏者,演讲者等);客座教授4. 寄生动植物a.1. 客人的

1. 准假;休假;休假期[C][U]I got two weeks' leave.我获得两周的假期.2. 许可,同意[U][+to-v]Have you got leave to come here this afternoon你得到许可今天下午来这里吗3. 离去,告别[U]The guests took leave after thanking the host.客人们对主人表示谢意之后告辞了.希望能够帮助到你,谢谢.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:

in turn 意思是轮流,比如:we usually clean the classroom in turn. They answered the teacher's questions in turn.他们依次回答老师的问题


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