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1.I can swim. I can't swim. Can I /you swim?2. He can dance. He can't dance. Can he dance?3. She can cook. She can't cook. Can she cook?4. We can sing this song. We can't sing this song. Can we sing this song?5. They can help us. They can't help us. Can they help us?喜欢请采纳~

she can sing he can write they can swim we can dance you can read you can not sing you can not dance you can not read you can not play you can not walk 求采纳

i can sing a song .i can hear your words i can touch you i can't understand i can't see you i can't turn on the light

肯定句: No one can rival him in this respectNot everybody can do it.She can differentiate this kind of rose from the others.We can certify for his honesty.If you want to meet them,I c

i can piay the piano.我会弹钢琴.he can swim.他会游泳.she can't paint.她不会画画.it can eat.它会吃.can you play the trumpet?你会吹喇叭吗?

1、can表示能力 此时,can意为“能;会”.如:I can play badminton, but I can't play volleyball.我会打羽毛球,但是zhidao我不会打排球.2、can表示回请求 此时,can意为“可以,可能”.如:Can you help me with the box?你能帮我抬这箱

Can I have that toy?Can you clean the floor now?Can they play football with us?Can you give me an apple?Can we go there by train? 造句的关键点就是can 后面的动词是原形.

1.I can swim . 否定:I can't swim. 一般疑问句:Can you swim? 肯定:Yes,Ican. 否定:No,I can't.2..I can dance.否定:I can't dance.一般疑问句:can you dance ?. 肯定:Yes,Ican. 否定:No,I can't3.I can speak English.否定:I can't speak

can造句:否定句:I can't speak English.I can't see it.肯定句:I can eat this hamburger I can do this .一般疑问句:can I help you?can you bring some book for me?情态动词can的意义和用法 (1) 表示能力,意思为“能,会”.如:I can sing

I can speak in english .I can run faster than before I can eat some food I can read some words I can hear something in another room.I can't do like that I can't say anything .I can't live without you.I can't believe you .I can't eat any food again.


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