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my favorite book As a student, we have studied for many years. During these years, we have been studing Chinese, English, science and so on. In this period, with the improvement of our knowledge, we not only read the books in class but also read

Also called "The story of the Stone (Shitouji 石头记)", this novel written by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹 (d. 1763) is said to be the greatest masterpiece of Chinese fiction. A wide branched scholarship does not consent about the main theme of this


红楼梦(A Dream) a dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. with a dream in the deep heart`s core, a man is spontaneously driven to hitch his wagon to a star. a dream is an inexhaustible source of energy that keeps our enthusiasm burning,

现在大家比较认可的是杨宪益和戴乃迭夫妇翻译的英译本《红楼梦》,译为“the dream of red mansion”.杨宪益夫妇是大翻译家,我本不敢乱说什么,但我想了很多年,还是觉得,这样翻译实际上是翻译错了,斗胆说出来,供大家研究、讨论


"The Story of the Stone" redirects here. For Barry Hughart's fantasy novel on ancient China, see The Story of the Stone (Barry Hughart).For other uses, see Dream of the Red Chamber (disambiguation).Dream of the Red Chamber (also Red

"the story of the stone" redirects here. for barry hughart's fantasy novel on ancient china, see the story of the stone (barry hughart).for other uses, see dream of the red chamber (disambiguation).dream of the red chamber (also red chamber dream,

爱情 虚幻 曲折 世俗 超脱 残缺 人性 炎凉 华丽 真实 就这十个理由了

红楼梦: a dream of red mansion/chamber;honglou;a dream of red mansions;dream of the red chamber a dream of red mansion/chamber 红楼梦: dream of the red chamber -红楼梦》: dream of the red chamber (the story of the stone);a

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