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Oliver Twist, one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens', is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in Britain in 18th century. The author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly

The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway's most enduring works and may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and

. Love more than big, but smaller than life. Once the jump into the trap of love, like arrows no longer beyond recovery to Li Xian, but stubbornly toward their own goals and flew ignore distance, straight through the air, finally landing, usually in comedy

The feeling of 《Pride And Prejudice》 Then man treat great event in one's life with punishing, Demonstrate different attitudes to the love question of the marriage of young girl of the family origin of middle class of villages and towns, Thus reflected


钢铁是怎样炼成的 A few days ago, I read a very educational book "How to Make Steel's." This is an autobiography of the novel. Author Aositeluo夫斯基of their life experience to be summarized and refined to create a prototype for their own Paul.

嘿嘿,怎么不问我啊 《简爱》英文读后感 Jane Eyre A Beautiful Soul Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit,

《老人与海》 我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功. 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,

世界名著-老人与海英文读后感(你看着删点吧@_@) The novel description is one year near sixty years of age senior fisherman, when alone goes to sea in one fishing, fished one big fish, actually did not pull. The senior fisherman socialized

Recently I have seen a book ,whose name is Tess of the d'Urbervilles.I enjoy it very much.How to say,I show respect to the main character Tess,who is a very charming,graceful and painful missy. We could learn a lot from this pretty girl,especially how

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